To develop and test integrations with Conductor, you will need access to a QuickBooks Desktop instance for sending and receiving data. If you don’t have an existing instance, this guide outlines a one possible approach for setting up a dedicated QuickBooks Desktop test environment. We will guide you through the process of creating a virtual Windows instance using AWS WorkSpaces and installing the QuickBooks Desktop free trial. Once set up, you can connect your local development environment to this test instance via Conductor, enabling you to validate your integration without impacting production data.

1. Set up a virtual Windows environment

2. Disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration

By default, you will see the following warning whenever you open QuickBooks Desktop. If you do not resolve this issue, this warning will freeze QuickBooks Desktop whenever the QuickBooks Web Connector opens QuickBooks Desktop when it is closed.

Windows error - Internet security levels are set too high

To prevent this error, follow these steps:

3. Install QuickBooks Desktop

4. Connect Conductor to your QuickBooks Desktop instance

Now that you have your own QuickBooks Desktop test instance, you can return to the Quickstart guide to connect it to Conductor. Don’t worry; this part is much easier.