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What is Conductor?

Conductor is a real-time, fully-typed API for QuickBooks Desktop (sometimes called QuickBooks Enterprise), available via TypeScript, Node.js, and REST. In just a few lines, get real-time access to fetch, create, or update any QuickBooks Desktop object type and receive a fully-typed response. Check out the documentation below to get started.

Conductor, the company, is building a data integration platform for vertical SaaS companies, starting with QuickBooks Desktop. Our team has spent over a decade building companies, scaling vast software systems, and obsessing over quality.

Key features

  • Any data type: Query, create, or update any QuickBooks Desktop data type.
  • Real-time: Get real-time updates on your QuickBooks Desktop data. No queues, no polling.
  • Modern API: JSON-based REST API, replacing the old XML-based SOAP model.
  • Typed Node.js client: Fully typed library with autocomplete, inline docs, and type validation for endpoints, parameters, and responses.
  • Request handling: Invisibly manages queues, timeouts, retries, and pagination.
  • Multi-company support: Connects to multiple QuickBooks Desktop company files.
  • Validation: Sanitizes and validates all inputs and outputs.
  • Unified error handling: Streamlines error handling across the QuickBooks stack.
  • Authentication flow UI: Simple UI for securely connecting QuickBooks Desktop accounts.
  • Dashboard: UI to monitor and manage your QuickBooks Desktop connections and data.
  • Error resolution: Detailed guides and instructions for resolving errors and handling edge cases.

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